"It helped me to combine the creative process of designing a workshop with the "planning pack"- very inspiring."
"Excellent, very insightful. The right training at the right time."
"It was great! Loved the opportunity to exchange best practice, what was being taught within a real program being designed. Thanks for being so flexible with the agenda to incorporate what the group wanted to cover."

In this program participants explore the difference between being confident and appearing confident. Through group discussion and peer dialogues, participants gain insight into their own obstacles to confidence. By addressing confidence from the perspective of the mindset, as well as from the perspective of behaviors, we practice a variety of techniques to use on a daily basis and in more challenging situations.  Participants develop a toolkit of approaches to help them avoid a vicious cycle of losing confidence, and get onto a virtuous cycle to increase both confidence and gravitas.

THIS PROGRAM Helps participants:

  • Better understand what confidence is, and what causes it to increase or decreased.
  • Improves their ability to determine when their own confidence begins to wane.
  • “Source” their own confidence, rather than relying on external approval to feel confident.
  • Nominate a constructive objective which acts as a clear intention when the mind needs refocussing.
  • Identify behaviors that tend to convey a lack of confidence, and understand and practice those that tend to convey confidence.
  • Learn techniques to turn a vicious confidence cycle into a virtuous cycle.


  • Those working with people who have much greater seniority.
  • Those who are newly appointed to a role of leadership, management or authority.
  • Those who feel diminished confidence in some of the important situations they face.
  • Those who feels they lack the knowledge or  status to deliver required content.
  • Those who want to help others feel more confident.


This program can be delivered in 6-9 hours. The program includes two one-on-one coaching calls with faculty.  The pre-program phone will help faculty better understand and target the kinds of situations that challenge participant confidence. The follow-up phone call helps ensure application of techniques by celebrating successes and exploring ways around likely obstacles to implementation.


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