"It helped me to combine the creative process of designing a workshop with the "planning pack"- very inspiring."
"Excellent, very insightful. The right training at the right time."
"It was great! Loved the opportunity to exchange best practice, what was being taught within a real program being designed. Thanks for being so flexible with the agenda to incorporate what the group wanted to cover."
Program Descriptions

The LEARNING PRACTICE specializes in programs that invite personal transformation by challenging participant assumptions in a supportive context of personal and professional development and practical skill building. We offer a unique combination of doing and understanding, a principle supported by learning research.

Man has no Body distinct from his Soul;  For that called Body is a portion of Soul Discerned by the five Senses, the chief Inlets of the Soul. -William Blake

Through the use of techniques from across our cross-disciplinary spectrum, and through careful tailoring to client needs, THE LEARNING PRACTICE ensures that the skills gained are relevant, and the experience is memorable.

Train the Trainer: Planning and Designing Great Meetings

Train the Trainer: Masterful Facilitation, Authentic Presence, Embodying Gravitas

Understanding and Managing Stress to Maintain Centered Leadership

Understanding and Increasing Confidence

Experiencing MBTI

Self-Definition/ Identity

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