"It helped me to combine the creative process of designing a workshop with the "planning pack"- very inspiring."
"Excellent, very insightful. The right training at the right time."
"It was great! Loved the opportunity to exchange best practice, what was being taught within a real program being designed. Thanks for being so flexible with the agenda to incorporate what the group wanted to cover."
Philosophy & Methods
Man has no Body distinct from his Soul;  For that called Body is a portion of Soul Discerned by the five Senses, the chief Inlets of the Soul. -William Blake

THE LEARNING PRACTICE is founded on the idea that life is a learning process.  Through carefully tailored programs we augment and support the personal learning journey each individual is already on.  THE LEARNING PRACTICE draws its techniques from the arts, somatics, and psychology to create unique, experiential learning programs. While there are no strict formulas uniformly applicable to the learning process, we are guided by four foundational principles:

  • Learning is a life-long journey, not bounded by age, formal education or career.
  • Each individual’s journey is unique.
  • Various forms of learning are of value: acquisition of knowledge; development of practical skills; self-development and personal insight; increased awareness of how best one learns; and development of professional networks.
  • All people present in a learning event are learning.  Our goal is ‘Genuine Dialogue’ – interactions where each individual recognizes that both they and their fellow participants are learning and developing.

Underlying these principles is THE LEARNING PRACTICE’s core goal: supporting the individual in their process of “becoming”, that which their learning journey requires.  This support requires, on the part of the faculty, a continuous cycle of careful planning, deep listening, and skillful adaptation, in addition to the treatment of each participant with nonjudgmental  empathy and respect.

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