"It helped me to combine the creative process of designing a workshop with the "planning pack"- very inspiring."
"Excellent, very insightful. The right training at the right time."
"It was great! Loved the opportunity to exchange best practice, what was being taught within a real program being designed. Thanks for being so flexible with the agenda to incorporate what the group wanted to cover."

There are fundamental, and important differences between people.  These differences offer a variety of approaches that when optimized can ensure the best solutions to the problems we face.  Unfortunately, these differences are often experienced more as barriers to collaboration.

Drawing on over fifteen years of delivering top-shelf MBTI learning, THE LEARNING PRACTICE has shaped the During EXPERIENCING MBTI program. Here, participants are exposed to the ideas and principles of the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator and, by. participating in active playful exercises, they experience all of the dimensions, and the effects of type preferences on behavior.  Exercises highlight type differences,  potential conflicts and the ways of addressing those conflicts for improved communication, collaboration and performance.

THIS PROGRAM helps participants:

  • Better understand individual differences
  • In With collaboration and team building
  • Increase self understanding and acceptance
  • Leverage and celebrate differences
  • Understand decision making
  • Understand individual perception


  • Leaders and Managers who work with teams
  • Leaders and Managers who are involved in handling challenging situations
  • Anyone who wants to increase their self-understanding  


This program can be delivered in 7-9 hours.   A one- hour coaching conversation  with each participant can be conducted after the program .  to ensure that the personal implications of the MBTI training  are reinforced.

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