"It helped me to combine the creative process of designing a workshop with the "planning pack"- very inspiring."
"Excellent, very insightful. The right training at the right time."
"It was great! Loved the opportunity to exchange best practice, what was being taught within a real program being designed. Thanks for being so flexible with the agenda to incorporate what the group wanted to cover."

THE LEARNING PRACTICE, founded by Melodie Hicks, serves organizations by engaging professionals in unique, rigorous and transformative programs that support individuals and groups on their learning journeys.

THE LEARNING PRACTICE offers innovative programs with three complementary goals: personal insight; new knowledge; and skill building. We use techniques grounded in empirically established learning principles.

By guiding participants through a process of discovery, giving equal focus to building personal insight and inspiration, subject knowledge, and skills and techniques, we support participants to shape their own learning.

One of the core goals of a learning program is to support the individual’s learning process, and because no two situations or participants are the same, THE LEARNING PRACTICE collaborates extensively with clients to tailor each program to their specific needs.

The person who figures out how to harness the collective genius of his or her organization is going to blow the competition away.
-Walter Wriston
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